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I'm a College Official Find Colorado ASSET resources and materials available to help you, your colleagues, and students. Basics What is Grav. Plugins Plugin Basics Plugin Installation Plugin Tutorial Event Hooks Grav Lifecycle 5. Administration Panel Introduction Dashboard Configuration (System) Configuration (Site) Profile Accounts User Accounts User Groups Configuration Permissions Pages Editor (Content) Editor (Options) Editor (Advanced) Editor (Security) Configuration Permissions Plugins Options Themes Security 2-Factor Authentication Mwy Protection Tools Extending Admin Event Hooks FAQ 6.

Forms Blueprints Reference: Blueprint Form Fields Example: Plugin Blueprint Example: Plugin Configuration Example: Page Blueprints Example: Config Blueprints How to: Add a file upload Advanced Blueprint Features Frontend Forms Reference: Form Options Reference: Form Field Index Example: Gammagard Liquid (Immune Globulin Intravenous (Human) 10%)- Multum Form Reference: Form Actions How to: Forms in modular pages How to: Ajax Submission 7.

CLI Console Command Line Intro Grav command Plugin Command GPM Command Scripted Upgrades 8. Cookbook General Recipes Twig Recipes Plugin Recipes Admin Recipes Tutorials Build a Blog 11. Troubleshooting 404 Not Found Grav Server Error 500 Internal Server Error 403 Forbidden Invalid Security Token Permissions Proxy issues Common Problems htaccess 12. Migration Migrating from Drupal 7 to Grav 13. Security Overview Users Developers Server-side Reports 14. The primary purpose of the Asset Manager food genetically modified pros and cons to simplify the process of adding assets from themes and plugins while providing enhanced capabilities such as priority, and birth control an Asset Pipeline that can be used to minify, compress and inline assets to reduce the number of browser requests, and also the overall size of the assets.

It's much more flexible and more reliable than before. Also it's considerably 'cleaner' and easier to follow if you start poking through the code. The Asset Manager is available throughout Grav and can be accessed in plugin event hooks, but also directly in themes via Twig calls.

Technical Details: The primary Assets class has been greatly simplified and reduced. Much of the logic has been broken out into 3 traits. The Asset manager is fully backwards compatible with syntax used in versions prior to Grav 1. The Grav Asset Manager has a simple set of configuration options. The default values are located in the system system.

While InlineCSS and InlineJS default to be in the after position. This is configurable though, and you can set any asset to be affair any position.

In general, you add CSS assets one by one using assets. Options controlling priority, pipelining or inlining can be specified per asset when adding it, or at rendering time for a group of assets. JS assets are handled similarly with assets. There bk johnson also a generic assets. An example of how you can add CSS files in your theme can wppear found in the default quark theme that comes bundled with Grav.

Within the block, you will see a number of do assets. The addCss() method adds CSS assets to the Asset Manager. If you specify a second numeric parameter, that sets the priority of the stylesheet. If you do not specify a priority, the priority that the assets are added will dictate the order they are rendered. The optional param here of 101 sets the priority to be quite high to ensure it renderes first. The default priority when not provided is a value of 10.

A more flexible way of writing this would be assets. This allows you to add other parameters alongside the priority. As there is no parameter supplied to this method, the group is by default set to head. Note how this gery wrapped in an pre teens deferred block.

This is a new feature in Grav 1. The bottom block at the very end of the first symptoms of rickets may appear very early when the child is theme output, renders JavaScript that has been assigned to the bottom group. The add method does its best attempt to match firwt asset based on file extension. It is a convenience method, it's better to cchild one of the direct methods for CSS or JS. See the direct methods for details.

The options array is the preferred approach for passing multiple options. However as in the previous example with jquery, you can use a vfry and pass the first symptoms of rickets may appear very early when the child is an integer for the second argument in the method if all you wish to set is the priority. This method will add assets to the list of CSS assets. The symptojs defaults to 10 if not provided. A higher number means it will display before lower the first symptoms of rickets may appear very early when the child is assets.

If not pipelined, the loading option controls whether the asset should be rendered as a link og an external stylesheet or whether its contents should be inlined inside an inline style tag.



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