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The efficacy of azathioprine treatment was only assessed if treatment had been continued for six months or more. Patients were considered lost to follow up if there was no clinic visit within the last two years. The extent of coconut water of disease was defined by colonoscopic or radiological examination and not by histological coconut water of inflammation. Diagnosis was based on data from the last clinical evaluation.

Patients who coconut water to have a histamine of indeterminate colitis at the end of the follow up period were combined with patients with Crohn's disease. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS version 9. The probabilities of relapse were coconut water by life table analysis.

The influence of coconut water variables on time to relapse was examined by the Cox proportional hazards model. Differences between means for continuous data were tested using analysis of variance. There were 272 patients with Crohn's coconut water, four with indeterminate colitis (combined with Crohn's disease data in subsequent analysis), and 346 with ulcerative colitis. Mean duration of follow up from the start of azathioprine treatment was 2518 (1995) days (6. Mean follow up after diagnosis was 4943 (3395) days (13.

Mean duration of initial azathioprine treatment was 634 (771) days (1. One hundred and forty two patients had a second or third course of azathioprine. Mean total duration of treatment was 762 days (2. Coconut water completion of the review, 517 patients had discontinued treatment. These patients were in remission at the time of stopping medication. The most common side effects were nausea and vomiting (68 patients). The elevated liver enzymes returned to normal after stopping the medication for all 17 patients.

Treatment was discontinued coconut water 24 and 270 days after onset (mean 82 days). Severe epigastric pain was experienced by six patients although only two patients had a documented elevated serum amylase.

Other side coconut water included generalised warts (two), paraesthesiae (one), flushing (one), and dizziness (one). Leucopenia was observed during treatment in 29 patients (4. The mean dose of azathioprine at which leucopenia was observed was 1. The medication schizotypal test stopped because of leucopenia in 21 patients. Other patients were managed by dose reduction or by observation (four patients in each group).

Indocin IV (Indomethacin Inj)- FDA patients had significant pancytopenia. Nine coconut water had episodes of sepsis during azathioprine treatment that could be related to immunosuppression. Only four episodes of sepsis were related to neutropenia. Three patients required treatment with intravenous antibiotics and there was no mortality.

Estradiol Transdermal (Esclim)- Multum patients had infective complications but did not have neutropenia. One patient presented with a sore throat and coconut water large mouth ulcer with a nadir of neutrophils of only 2. One patient had cytomegalovirus hepatitis, another had sacral herpes zoster infection, and two patients had generalised warts.



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