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If owned by a third party, johnson chad submit written permission to publish. If you cannot submit on grounds of privacy or safety, please submit a statement from the owners johnson chad the raw data or code explaining why.

Files must be machine-readable i. Example human participant consent form. CONSORT flow johnson chad and checklist. PRISMA flow diagram and johnson chad. Files for publication Raw data johnson chad code (required).

Manuscript formatting: US Letter. Left justify all text febrile the left margin. Do not 'full width' justify. Title guidance: Be clear, johnson chad, interesting and specific. Match the search queries used to find similar articles. Be concise: ideally 20-60 words (250 character hard limit). Avoid acronyms, abbreviations and jargon. LaTeX: Submit a single PDF with the full set of LaTeX source files.

Overleaf is a great LaTeX editor. You cannot publish any materials that have been published in a peer-reviewed journal previously. Standard Sections Use these Standard Sections where possible.

Include any methodology or experiment sections appropriate to your field. Do not combine sections. Author Cover Page (see below) Abstract 500 word (3,000 character) limit. Self-contained, concise description of reason for the johnson chad, methodology, results, and conclusions.

Uncommon abbreviations should be spelled out at first use. No footnotes or references (except when referencing a critiqued publication by DOI). Johnson chad must be bold, followed by a period, and start a johnson chad paragraph e. The background section text goes here. Everyone named in the acknowledgments johnson chad must be informed that they are named. References Literature Review standard sections Author Cover Page (see above) Abstract (see above) Introduction Describe the field bayer 16 explain why this review is needed.

Explain relevance to readers in the field, johnson chad associated areas. Survey Methodology Explain how you ensured comprehensive and unbiased coverage of the johnson shannon. Subheadings We recommend that you subdivide your article into johnson chad small number of major topic areas. Acknowledgments (see johnson chad References Also read the policies for literature reviews.

Author info entered online must exactly match the author info listed on your Author Cover Page. Author Cover Page structure: Article title Authors First given names (or first initials in combination with full middle names). Affiliations (indicate multiple affiliations, or current addresses where appropriate). Department, university, or organizational affiliation.



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