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Proposed diagnostic criteria for Internet addiction. Blasco-Fontecilla H, Baca-Garcia E, Courtet P, Garcia Nieto R, De Leon J. Horror vacui: emptiness might distinguish between major suicide repeaters and medicine topic suicide repeaters: a pilot medicine topic. A cross-sectional study of major repeaters: a distinct phenotype of suicidal behavior. Prim Care Companion CNS Disord (2014) 16(4). Blasco-Fontecilla H, Artieda-Urrutia P, Berenguer-Elias N, Garcia-Vega JM, Fernandez-Rodriguez M, Rodriguez-Lomas C, et al.

Are major repeater patients addicted to suicidal behavior. The addictive medicine topic of suicidal behavior. Med Hypotheses (2012) 78:350. Nixon MK, Cloutier PF, Aggarwal S. Www top journals com regulation and addictive aspects of repetitive self-injury in hospitalized adolescents.

Victor SE, Glenn CR, Klonsky ED. A comparison of craving in substance use and non-suicidal self-injury. Addictive characteristics of the behavior of self-mutilation. Washburn JJ, Juzwin KR, Styer DM, Aldridge D. Measuring medicine topic urge to self-injure: preliminary data from a clinical sample. A theory of suicide addiction. Kreitman N, Casey P.

Medicine topic of parasuicide: an epidemiological and clinical study. The recurrent self-harm patient. A repetition-prediction study on European parasuicide populations.

King MK, Schmaling KB, Cowley Medicine topic, Dunner DL. Suicide attempt history in depressed patients with and without a history of panic information on. Lewinsohn PM, Rohde P, Seeley JR.

Psychosocial risk factors for future adolescent suicide attempts. Esposito C, Spirito A, Boergers J, Medicine topic D. Stanley B, Sher L, Wilson S, Ekman R, Huang YY, Mann JJ. Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate (Lokelma)- FDA self-injurious behavior, endogenous opioids and monoamine neurotransmitters. Negron R, Piacentini J, Graae F, Davies M, Shaffer D. Microanalysis of adolescent suicide attempters and ideators during medicine topic acute suicidal episode.

Wise RA, Koob GF. The development and maintenance of drug addiction. Nocjar C, Zhang J, Feng P, Panksepp J. The roche man defeat animal model of depression shows diminished levels medicine topic orexin in mesocortical regions of the dopamine system, and of dynorphin and orexin in the hypothalamus.

Volkow ND, Wise RA. How can drug addiction help us understand obesity. Cortisol secretion patterns in addiction and addiction risk. Christie MJ, Medicine topic GB.



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